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Text Box: AUDIO—New Testament
Jesus Love the Children
The Birth of John
The Birth of Jesus
Angels with the Shepherds
Wise Men Follow A Star
The Flight into Egypt
Jesus in the Temple
John Baptized Jesus
John the Baptist Killed
The Temptation
The Twelve Apostles
Jesus Makes Wine From Water
Jesus Preaches A Sermon
A Net Full of Fishes
A Man Let Down Through a Roof
Jesus Makes a Dead Man Live
The Great Storm
Man with an Unclean Spirit
A Little Girl Raised From the Dead
Jesus Heals A Sick Woman
  Fives loaves and Two Fishes
  The Sea and Wind Obey Jesus
  Peter’s Mother –in-law
  Peter’s Confession—Good Confession
  The Transfiguration
  A Blind Man Sees
   The Good Shepherd
  The Good Samaritan
   Jesus Taught His Disciples to Pray
  A Man: Rich and Foolish  
  A Boy Leaves Home
  A Rich Man and Lazarus
  Lazarus and his sisters
  One Thankful Man
  The Rich Young Ruler
  Story of a Short Man
  The Story of Ten Girls
  Mary Shows Her Love for Jesus
  Judas Plans to Do Wrong
  The Feast of the Passover
  Peter Learns About Forgiveness
  Doubting Thomas
  Paul A Special Chosen Preacher
  Jesus Prays Alone
  Jesus Taken by Wicked People
  Peter Denies Jesus
  The Death of Jesus
  The Resurrection
  Mary Magdalene Sees Jesus
  Jesus Gods Back to Heaven
Jesus Builds His  church
 The Lords Supper

Text Box: MORE LESSONS FOR CHILDREN –AND  YOUTH  Lessons by  Larry West