166 Should the Lord's Supper be observed every Sunday?
301 The Lord's Supper -2
310 Arguments for Instrumental Music Examined 1
311 Arguments For Instrumental Music Examined 2
312 Arguments for Instrumental Music Examined 3
313 Arguments for Instrumental  Music Examined 4

Acceptable Prayer
The Sabbath or the Lord's Day- Which?
Instrumental Music in Worship
Acceptable Giving

Christ in Prophecy
Creeds A Source of Disunity 123
Why So Many churches?
The Government of the New Testament Church       
What Does the Bible Say About the Clergy and Laity?
Choosing a Church
Does it matter what we believe as long as it is
Is there a Pattern?
You Can Be A Christian without joining any Denomination.
  Christ - Yes!  The Church - No!
When Did The New Testament                                                        Church Begin?
Becoming A Member Of The New
                 Testament Church
Christ In Prophecy
History Of The New Testament Church 
  The New Testament church Restored
The Church -Terns of Entrance
How many churches? 
God's Appointed Saints
God's Appointed Priests
God's Appointed Pastors
God's Appointed Ministers
God's Appointed Deacons
The importance of Religious Unity
The Attainment of Religious Unity
Church organization
Why So Many churches?
Fulfillment of Prophecy
Is the Church Necessary?
Wise and Foolish Builders
Christ Yes ! The church--No !
When did the New Testament church     begin?
Becoming a Member of the New  Testament church
Christ in Prophecy
History Of The New Testament Church
The New  Testament church--Its Organization
The New Testament--Name
The New Testament church Its Creed
The Work of Divorced women in the church
Qualifications of Elders & Deacons
Is church membership Essential?
Is Attendance Essential?
When Did The Church Begin?
Those Hypocrites In The Church

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